Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simple Pleasure 2---In Brazil

As I prepare to return to the US, thoughts of how much I love Brazil flow through my day... Brazil uplifts, inspires and renews my soul. I completed two more Joy Bringers books here. One is a children's book entitled: Joy Bringer Baby. The other continues with the Joy series as it focuses on helping care providers. The title of the book is, Bringing Joy to the Care Provider. You will be the first to know when they are published. The Joy Bringers' message continues!

Enjoy these beautiful moments of Brazilian Joy!

Praia Sunaga

Ilhabela from the sea....

On of my favorite churches in Brazil... The church at Paraty, Rio de Janeiro


Waiting for the Indian Festival to begin...

Life is a Dance! Celebrate the Joy in Each Moment! Me in the Ilhabela Carnival!

I love Yoga! This is me soaring with my yoga teacher and friend LiLi.




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