Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Joy Bringers! You Must Honor Your Story

I have been fascinated by stories since I was a small child. I love to hear a good story. I also love to share stories that are life-affirming and rich with life's complexities. We all have a story. Most of us have many stories that make up the fabric of our lives. You must honor your story. What makes you unique needs to be shared with the world.

I want to take a little time today to share with you how my book, Joy Bringers--Celebrate the Joy in Each Moment! was born.

The story begins like this... I wanted to share compassionate touch with cancer patients who had not experienced it. I had hundreds of patients coming to my office in the hospital, but I wanted to reach more people. I love to volunteer. I decided to volunteer a few hours a week at Blumenthal Cancer Center, in Charlotte, NC.

I offered free hand and foot massages to the patients as they received chemotherapy. I also gave free chair massages to the oncology nurses and the oncologists. While massaging a patient's hand, I took a good look at the chemotherapy treatment room. It was a dull uninviting color. No plants. No art on the walls. And no books! I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have a bright vibrant colorful book of healing affirmations and Color Therapy sitting on each of these tables?"

That was how Joy Bringers was born. Little did I know that I would be the one to write that special book for such special people. As soon as I arrived in Ilhabela, Brazil, I began to write healing affirmations. Those inspiring words took flight and more manifested while I walked Samara Beach, Costa Rica.

My dear Brazilian friend, Flavio Zabotto, honored me by allowing me to use his vibrant, heart stirring paintings in Joy Bringers. Cynthia Allison, my sister-friend from Carolinas Integrative Health, created the Healing Tree for the Color Therapy affirmations. It was so much fun working with these two brilliant artists!

Joy Bringers is more than a book. It is a movement. A Joy movement. In honor of my cancer patients, $2.50 from the sale of each book is donated to the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institutes of Brazil (sponsored agencies).

With your support we can raise thousands of dollars to help eliminate cancer. I would like to thank you for purchasing Joy Bringers--Celebrate the Joy in Each Moment! 

Peace and Joy,

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