Thursday, August 29, 2013

Embraced by Brazil

Brazil has once again embraced me with love, peace and blissful joy. I truly enjoyed my moments in Ilhabela, Brazil. Most of them were spent writing.

Lean in... I have a secret to share with you.

I finally started working on my Dream for Ilhabela. I spoke with my dear friends about my Dream to have a healing retreat on the island. This would be a place of solace and healing that offers comfort, spiritual enlightenment, ease, and joy to persons experiencing chronic health conditions.

I intend to offer special retreats for the wonderful care providers too! Imagine lush tropical yummyiness, healthy foods, art therapy, yoga, meditation, playing in the ocean waves...

Everyone was excited and caught the vision. I will tell you more about as it manifests.

Please enjoy some moments of simple pleasure that I captured in Brazil.

What I woke up to each morning...

My front yard...

I love Brazilian desserts!

Orchid Delight...

Just Lush...

Minha casinha... (my little house on the river)

Embrace your Dreams. Allow yourself to be embraced. 

What Dream is calling you?

Peace and Joy,

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