Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello World!

Hi Everybody!

This is my first blog! And I am sharing it with you.... I am a person who has experienced many roles in my life. The numbers are impressive. I am daughter, sister, mother, auntie, godmother, and best friend. I am also a health consultant, licensed massage therapist, lecturer, writer, and entrepreneur. I love to travel and make friends all over the world and my adventures are just starting! I love to journal, so my blogging will take you into my personal energy and into different dimensions. Are you ready?

First, I want to give a "shout out" to Qiana Martin for helping me launch this blog site. Go visit her blog at Eat Soccer! Qiana's Glamorous Soccer Life! Qiana is also weaving and living her dream of being an international soccer player! Eat Soccer!! Thanks Qiana!

I am also excited about my ebook entitled: Live! Love! Heal!: Abundant Life Affirmations. I started writing spiritual affirmations when I first moved to Ilhabela, Brazil. On November 11, 2009 we launched the first phase of the ebook. Stage 1 is an interactive website: which features the ebook affirmations, international art as illustrations, and other really cool things to come.

I will definitely keep you posted on the website so that you can become a member of this international community. Twenty percent of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and an additional twenty percent goes to the National Institute of Cancer in Brazil. Membership fees are a truly affordable $5.00 USD. Less than 2 brown pennies a day! I love brown pennies, don't you?

There's more coming soon! Until then, Live Well! Live Joyously!

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