Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wrightsville Beach, NC

It's early in the morning and everyone is asleep... Charlotte was supposed to have snow and heavy ice yesterday. What we did get was lots of ice. So, the usual hustle and bustle has slowed down....It is the perfect time for hot chocolate and reflections. Maybe we will even get the fireplace going!

I want to give a warm, wonderful, gigantic Thank You to my buddy Tom Warshauer and his family! They lovingly allowed me to live in their beautiful Wrightsville Beach home while I closed myself in to write, reflect, and write some more. I was totally surprised to find out that it was on the beachfront! Amazing!

So, each morning I awoke to one of my favorite sounds of ocean waves and sea gulls. I walked the beach every morning. It was just me and a few other early sun worshipers... There is something about the magnificence of the ocean that ignites and inspires my creative juices. So, during my time at Wrightsville, I wrote vignettes, and personal thoughts to add to my book, Live! Love! Heal!: Abundant Life Affirmations. And of course, more affirmations were written. I do love the sea!

Wilmington, NC is a pretty special place to visit. It has the energy of a coastal city with a New Age, Metaphysical twist... To treat myself for being so disciplined, I went exploring and found an amazing dress shop full of gorgeous dresses for extra special occasions. With shoes and bags and all kinds of luscious finery.

I also treated myself to some delish cinnamon rolls from Annie's Bakery off of Oleander Drive. Wow! That's a return trip for real! Did I tell you I was a dessert person? On my last evening, I went to listen to some local blues artists at this club on 5th street. Nice blues.. They were still jamming when I left!

So, I can truthfully say, "Mission Accomplished."

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