Monday, March 29, 2010

It's OK to Be Happy!

It's February 20th and Happy Birthday to Me! Sitting here on this beautiful Costa Rican beach on my birthday is a wonderful occasion! At this present moment I am experiencing the sound of ocean waves, the sensation of wind on my skin and rising sun in my face.... I am in love with this feeling. The purity of this moment captured in time and space. Can you feel it?

This a a personal moment of reflection. That, "I have arrived" moment. It is not that I have obtained all the worldly things I desire or that I have peaked the mountain of my profession. No, this is a moment of clarity, a moment of pure delight, where happiness exists. I feel happy and I am OK with that!

We often allow the world to distract us from these pure clear moments. Oh yes, I understand that there are life's lessons along the journey for everyone. I have a theory that buried beneath each moment of anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, depression, or even self-hate, there is a golden opportunity to see if you can move through all the emotions and find your heart experiencing happiness.

Let's say you are caring for someone you love. Each day is full of schedules, routines or medical visits. "Take your medicine." "Let's get you up out of bed today." "I am going to move this pillow so that you will be more comfortable." It's all done lovingly, full of compassion, yet at some point it becomes a routine.

Here in the midst of routine care, no matter how lovingly it is given, we become distracted. Our eyes and hearts turn away from our own happiness. Distractions keep us from feeling centered during these times. Have you found yourself looking away from your own happiness?
Experiencing happiness is a very fundamental piece to our being whole and operating from a space of self-love.

It's OK to be happy! It's OK to love yourself! It's OK to step away! It's OK to do little things for yourself that are guaranteed to make you re-claim your sense of Joy! Can you do that?

We need for you to be Joyful. We need you to experience the wind on your skin, the sun in your face and precious moments of clarity and purity. We need you whole!

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