Friday, April 16, 2010

Have You Hugged Your Energy Vortex Today?

What are energy vortexes? Experts can beguile you with very detailed definitions and properties of energy vortexes. They can also go into infinite detail about why certain locations are considered to be vortexes. Most of us agree that a vortex is a spiral or swirl of energy.

My definition of an energy vortex is very simple. It is a place where you can connect and experience a variety of healing energetic vibrations. The location may make you feel energized, calm, re-charged, serene, uplifted, soothed, or even electrified. When you leave it your energy has changed. Your personal vibration has elevated.

I am sitting in one of my favorite places in the whole world and it's right here in the center of Charlotte, NC! It is one of my energy vortexes! Do you have a special place you like to go to? Where are your energy vortexes? Did you know that you may actually live in yours? Yep, it might be in your own neighborhood!

Or, you may be an adventurous soul, so you may have traveled all over the world intentionally connecting with your special places, your special energy vortexes. It does not really matter whether you travel far and wide or just around the corner, as long as you connect to these wonderful sources of vibrational healing.

Did I tell you about my most recent Brazilian energy vortex experience? Well, my friend Lara took me to Chapada Diamantina, in Lencois, Bahia, Brazil. The whole area is a vortex for Brazil! On our second day, we were led under the earth into ancient caverns. The stalagmites and stalactites were truly mind-blowing!

When we arrived at the deepest part of the center of the caverns, our guides blew out their lanterns and asked us to sit quietly. Suddenly, I heard the sweetest sound. It was like an angelic flute symphony. The sound was so sweetly intense, beautiful, spectacular, that I felt tears overflowing. I realized it wasn't a man-made flute, but the sound of the wind caressing the rock walls and weaving itself through the caverns. It was awe-inspiring. Man could only imitate the purity... This was God's Song!

I left the cavern transformed. To say that my energy was heightened is an understatement. I felt an opening, a stepping through and a celebration for a new dimension in my life.
Red rocks, caverns, oceans, mountains, all things of the earth hold special grounding energy for us all. How about you? What do you feel like when you are connected to your energy vortex? Where do you go to renew and revitalize yourself? What inspires you?

"I hear the wind and the wind is God's Symphony."

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