Friday, July 9, 2010

Flavio´s Art!

Yes, I am back in Brazil! I am also sitting here surrounded by the wonderful art of Flavio Zabotto! Flavio´s house looks like an art gallery full of beautiful, vibrant, healing expressions of life.... The colors and energy of his art just blow you away!

This blog is all about Flavio´s art. He stepped out on faith and moved to beautiful Ilhabela to live his purpose! Creating these breath-taking paintings is his purpose... You can find his art in stores and gallaries along the coast of Brazil, from Rio Janeiro to Parati, on to Sao Paulo. He just received an offer for an interview from a gallery in Curitiba.

Recently, Flavio´s art appeared in the prestigious Brazilian magazine, Casa Claudio. His art was part of an interior design display in Rio Janeiro. I was so excited and proud to see Flavio´s art being appreciated!

Now it is time for his Abundance to flourish! When I return to the US, I will be speaking at health organizations, hospitals, conferences, support groups, and others, just where the spirit leads me.... I am passing on the word about Live! Love! Heal! Abundant Life Affirmations. I will also encourage everyone to buy Flavio´s art!

Hopefully, he will have life-like affordable prints available soon for sale. Remember, as we reach out to help others manifest their dreams, our dreams are fullfilled also. It´s part of the Divine Rhythm of Life....

Be Blessed!

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