Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There's Something About Samara...

There's something about Samara Beach, Costa Rica that I just can't put into words. And that is definitely a good thing. I have walked the beach each morning and felt the tug of the ocean on my heart, the sensation of warm ocean breeze on my skin and delighted in the heat from the sun at full blaze.

This morning I am still celebrating my birthday. It was a delightful mix of time deeply appreciating my own company and joyfully sharing the setting sun with new friends at Carillo Beach. It had its own elements of adventure and introspection. Life at its best!

I am excited because my video camera is so much fun! I have great clips of my time here in Samara and as soon as I settle in the USA, I will be posting them for you to enjoy. The sun rising over the beach in Samara is one of my favorites along with watching the white tipped waves play against the tiny islands sprinkled here and there.

I also have joyful news about my new book entitled Joy Bringers-- Celebrate the Joy in Each Moment! I am publishing it through Balboa Press. They just sent me the cover design for approval and I like it! I get to play around with the design team until we come up with the perfect cover for Joy Bringers.

This book is full of healing spiritual affirmations, life affirming stories, vibrant brazilian art and almost two months of healing color affirmations. It was a Joy to write and I am Joyfully anticipating it being read and appreciated by countless numbers of people. It is about self-healing!

So, for now, know that I send you love from Samara..

Peace and Joy,

White tipped waves,
Pink grains of sand,
Birds in flight,
We Are One.

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