Friday, July 22, 2011

Tomatoes, Potatoes and A Brazilian Butterfly

Life is full of unexpected moments of Joy! Let me share something remarkable that happened to me a week ago..

I was in the grocery store (supermercado) selecting my vegetables. While we were sorting through the tomatoes, a beautiful woman standing next to me commented on how pitiful the tomatoes were this week. I laughed and agreed. I laughed because I could understand her Portuguese and what she said was funny and true.

As I turned to select my potatoes, still chuckling to myself, I caught the beautiful eyes of an older lady standing near the apples. "A Brazilian Butterfly," (A Borboleta) I thought. I smiled and said, "Good Morning." (Bom Dia) She hurried up to me, grabbed my hand and with twinkling eyes said to me, "Oh what a beautiful smile you have! Joy (Alegria)! Joy (Alegria)!"

She was a timeless, ageless soul.... Standing no more than 4 feet tall. Her long white hair was pulled back into an elegant bun; her eyes were a sparkling light grey. Sun-kissed skin smooth, free of lines and wrinkles. This butterfly was radiating Joy.

Fluttering with happiness...

Still holding my hand, laughing, she shared a beautiful story with me. It seems that a few weeks ago she saw two friends, separated for far too long, meet each other again in the Vila. She watched them hug and kiss, laugh together, then hug and kiss again. She was excited by witnessing so much happiness, seeing their smiles, hearing their laughter. She spoke of how she could still feel their Joy inside her, even to this day. What Joy! What Happiness!

I squeezed her hand warmly while I thanked her for the Blessing she brought me that morning. We left each other to go out into the world bringing Joy, bringing Light!

I am still smiling because I know she is still smiling too.

Tomatoes, Potatoes, A Brazilian Butterfly...

When was the last time you Blessed our world with your beautiful smile?

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