Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Joy Bringers: Spiritually Ground Yourself!

Here we are in the midst of dramatic happenings all over our world. We may feel adrift, confused by the intensity of the changes. These changes seem out-of-control. Or at least, they seem out of our control.

Now is the time to take that deep breath. This is the perfect time to ground ourselves in Spiritual Truth. To do this, we must find time to go within and acknowledge that our connection with Divine Peace is still there and will always be there.

Joy Bringers inspires us with these words:

"It takes a little practice to remove yourself from distractions, yet you owe it to yourself. We each have a symphony inside of us. Perhaps years of busyness have muffled your hearing. Or maybe you distract yourself because you are afraid of what you might hear in your stillness. It takes courage to open yourself up to the spiritual well within, to quiet the inner talk and the outer distractions. But it is worth the spiritual work."

God has the perfect symphony waiting for you.

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