Thursday, September 22, 2011

3 Simple and Highly Effective Tips for Parents of Children Experiencing Cancer

Your child has just been diagnosed with cancer and your world has tilted off of its axis. Before you go to the internet or even call your best friend, here are some simple things you can do to make this the best healing experience for everyone.

Tip 1. Breathe. Your child has been diagnosed with a life-altering health condition. It is extremely important that you breathe. Take 3 deep breaths in and breathe them out slowly. Connecting to your breath will help you feel grounded and ready to move forward with clarity. Deep breaths help us to find our center, a well of calm and peace. You want to be centered in calm and peace before you make any important decisions.

Tip 2. Connect with your child. Hold him and just feel the presence of his warm body. Recognize that there is no blame in this. Your child is not his health condition. See him whole, healthy and happy. See him well. Remember to keep the loving connection strong and vibrant between you. Match your breath with your child. Listen to your heartbeats. You are one. Practice family hugs. Be kind to yourself and take time to acknowledge each emotion as it reveals itself. All of our emotions are important. Respect and honor each one. If you need help with the emotional ride, seek assistance from a professional.

Tip 3. Touch your child with loving intention. Gentle loving touch is very important now. Soothing comforting touch helps you stay bonded to her. It also replaces invasive medical touch with nurturing healing touch. If your child is a baby, learn some infant massage strokes. These strokes calm and reassure both you and your baby. You can also help her feel better by using color therapy. This easy technique is being used effectively in a growing number of cancer hospitals worldwide. Color Therapy helps to reduce or eliminate pain levels.

Joy Bringers--Celebrate the Joy in Each Moment! has a beautiful section dedicated to healing with color that you can use. Let her choose her favorite color from the book. Ask her to close her eyes and take 5 deep breaths. Now have her imagine that her color is flowing through her whole body. The deep breathing and color with distract her and take her to a place of peace and beauty.

Practice these simple and effective tips daily and you will feel relaxed, grounded and more joyously connected to your child as she moves through her healing journey.

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