Thursday, December 29, 2011

Easy Joy

Most of us acknowledge with deep appreciation that this is a very special time of the year. This is a time when we are gifted with the opportunities of recharging that which spiritually inspires us, counting our Blessings and being grateful for the Life Gifts that come our way. These Gifts of Life help make us clearer and brighter.

It is important for us to go into our own Spiritual Closets for quiet meditative time. A few moments stepping away from what you think you "should" be doing will help you connect to a more Divine Flow of activities. Divine Flow is freer, happier and easier.

Easy is the key. Focus on how easy things flow in and out of your life. This easy Divine Flow brings you exactly what you need and desire at the perfect time. 

Divine Flow also takes away and dissipates what no longer serves your Highest Good in this present moment.

As you move through this time, remember... Easy...

Peace and Joy,

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