Monday, January 23, 2012

Bringing in a New Year of Joy, Peace and Love!

What an exciting time to be alive. We are present when the new is happening every day. We are alive during this tremendous time of transformation. We are awakening or we have finally awakened to the Divine Truth that we create our own world of experiences.

We choose what we want to experience. Choice is freedom and thoughts of freedom lead us into the unlimited. Divine Source is Unlimited Possibilities and Explosive Abundance.

Should we choose, we can acknowledge that life is full of infinite Abundance and Prosperity. We can express gratitude for the Abundance that is ever present in our lives. Life is rich with experiences that elevate us out of that which restricts or limits us.

Just a few short years ago, I teetered on the edge of restrictive thoughts. If I had accepted the traditional path scripted for me, I would not be traveling and writing. I would be waiting for retirement and feeling I had no choices.

Bound by traditions and a false sense of security...

I chose to take the Leap and follow my Dreams. Yes, it did get quite scary at times. I chose to rename that sensation. I chose to call that breathless jittery feeling of uncertainty, Joyful Anticipation.

And here we are. I am ablaze with Joyful Anticipation. This is an exciting New Year full of new experiences. What Joy! Joy Bringers is launched.

This promises to be a year of expansion and enlightenment.

I feel alive with wonder! Join me.

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