Saturday, December 29, 2012

Excuse Me While I Om...

It has been wonderful waking up early each morning and going to bed each night with Deepak Chopra. You know I am talking about his 21-Day Meditation Challenge, right? What a soul enriching opportunity to share daily meditations with thousands and thousands of people all around the world. It was a deeply unifying spiritual experience. It changed the lives of those of us who took on the challenge to find quiet time during our own highly active days.

The subject of this meditation challenge was Abundance. We learned what abundance is, to see it in everything around us, to know that we can attract it to us whenever we choose. The level of abundance we have and use in our lives is equal to our belief about it. Our intentions about abundance and our attention (gratitude), help determine how well prosperity, wealth and abundance flow to and through the moments of our lives.

Here are some of my favorite Centering Thoughts from the 21-Day Meditation Challenge.

"Today, I behold all the abundance that surrounds me."

"Today, I treat myself to moments of luxury."

"Today, and everyday, I give that which I want to receive."

"I place my intentions into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me."

"I move through my days light-heartened and carefree, knowing all is well."

You can learn more about meditation, mind-body-spirit awareness, health, abundance and spiritual laws by visiting the Deepak Chopra Center website.

Here is the link to the Daily Inspiration.

Enjoy Deepak's videos from his free video gallery.

Thank you Deepak for your generous and loving spirit!

Namaste... I bow to you...

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